that gives your face a bumpy look, with fat cheeks


What is buccal fat?

Buccal fat is the excess fat beneath your cheeks that gives your face a bumpy look, with fat cheeks that hide your jawline. It is a rounded form in your cheek; this pad is typically found between your face muscles in that empty area underneath your cheekbone. If its size is bigger, it will affect your face’s shape.

We all have buccal fat; however, the size can vary, and having a large pad is why you search for Buccal fat removal before and after. If you have a larger buccal fat pad, you might feel like your face is too round or full and different from the perfect shape.

There is no problem with buccal fat or bigger cheeks, and you will never face complications because of this condition. But suppose you want to make them smaller for a perfect face and a fantastic look. In that case, surgeons can perform a simple one-hour surgery called buccal fat removal or buccal lipectomy.

You see benefits after the months of surgery but not every time! Continue reading for the complete process of buccal fat removal before and after.


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